John Drake & Family

Center - John Gentry Drake
Right of Center - Sallie Johnson Butler Drake 
Far right - Mary Fain Drake
In front of JGD - Francis Evelyn Drake

07/04/1870 - 11/09/1920
07/17/1873 - 08/13/1943
12/02/1899 - 01/01/1951
02/10/1909 - 2003

I don't know who the rest of the folks are, but I would suspect the lady on the left is Sallie Drake's sister. Notice the very close resemblance? I suspect some of the children are John & Sallie's since Evelyn is their 5th child. The young lady on the far right could be Mary Fain Drake.

I would presume this picture was taken about 1912-1915 based on the size of Evelyn.