Eva Jo Butler

When Eva Jo was 2-1/2 years old and her brother, Roy Lee, was born, she went to Wichita Falls and spent 6 weeks with Mable and Clifford Hughes (Bowden's sister and brother-in-law). They had no children. After that first visit, Eva Jo went and spent every summer with them. During the summer between her sophmore and junior year in high school the decision was jointly made to let her live with Mable and Clifford and finish high school in Wichita Falls. It was the end of the war and the Butler family
lived on a farm 15 miles from Carthage down mostly a dirt road.

Eva Jo was never interested in the farm and preferred to live in town. Mable was an excellent semstress and Eva Jo not only had beautiful clothes but was able to participate in an active social life among the friends she had established over the years of visiting during the summer. She was presented as a debutante her senior year in high school and met and married her first husband in Wichita Falls.