Anniversary 1968

10 April '68
5:00 PM

Dearest Brownie

Didn't work too hard today & have a little slack time so I thought I had better write while I had the chance.

How long has it been? 32 Years? Don't seem that long does it? (This next 7 or 8 days are going to be long) By the time you receive this our anniversary will be past, but you should know me by now, and as usual a little late. Anyway, I LOVE YOU. The good Lord sure knew what He was doing when you married me. I don't think anyone else would have put up with me for 32 yrs. and I certainly know that I would not have wanted anyone else but you to put up with me. Maybe one of these years all things will work out so we can celebrate really big. Thank you, sweetheart, for these good years. I love you.

The letter you wrote the 5th arrived today. You sure are way behind in keeping up with me. I wrote to you from Saigon, sent a cable to the office from Manila the 3rd. I hope that it is not a long time till the 18th and you will know where I am.

There hasn't been much in the papers over here about Panama. I just knew they were having some politcal trouble and that is all. The papers were first full of Johnson's speech - while I was in Saigon. Then for the last few days the have been full of King, riots, looting and arson. I see in tonights paper they finally got him buried. I imagine this has gotten about as much press coverage overseas as Kennedy's assination. The way the political boys have reacted to it makes one wonder if there will be anyone fit to vote for this fall.

I haven't seen much of Taipei yet but what I have seen it does not stack up to Hong Kong.

The Australian, I mentioned, and I had a good Sunday afternoon. We hired a taxi and drove completely around Hong Kong Island. I took quite a few pictures and sure hope they turn out good.

I was downstairs a few minutes ago and according to the clock you aren't up yet this morning. That sounds crazy, doesn't it? I am 13 hours ahead of you. It will be screwy when I cross the date line I guess.

We are having dinner tonight with a customer. Lady Customer. I sure hope it is not one of those regular Chinese dinners. I think I will get a set of chop sticks and practice when I get home. Those things will just not do what they are suppose to for me.

I guess I had better quit and get ready.

I Love You



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