Mom's Birthday 1967

[El Salvador Intercontinental]
17 Jan 67

Dearest Brownie:


See you were wrong, I didn't forget. Of course you will be a little late getting it but I am expressing it on your birthday. I sure wish I could tell you in person. Right now all I can send you is all my love except for some for Jim & the other kids. (and grand-kids). I won't try to wrap & send your present, so you will just have to wait.

I sure hope everything went good with you & "L. G." [Grand-daughter Theresa] and Bobbie & Warren. I hope too that you didn't over-do and are feeling good.

How did Jim make out staying with Roberta?

I hear that the "Union Church" close to the hotel is non-denominational and that most people who attend are Baptist. The Preacher is a retired Presbyterian from the states.The service is in english and a good number of those who attend are people similiar to me who will be here for some time on business. There is a couple here in the hotel from Biddeford Me. and they go. So I will probably go with them on Sunday.

I was late writing Trudie & Pop, so they didn't know where to write me and you have been so busy I just haven't gotten much mail yet. Hope you are where you can write now & then. Sure is good to walk in and see a letter in my box.

I have met a couple from New York who are on a vacation. They came in Sunday & will leave Thurs. He is originally from Oregon & she is German, born in N.Y. but got caught in Germany in the war. They love to talk. I ran into them in the lobby a few minutes ago and after talking a while I told her today was your birthday and I was going up to write you "Happy Birthday". She said "Well tell her hello from me. They have 4 girls & 1 boy from 3 to 19 years old.

Mike & Chella are fine. Chella was at the mill a while this afternoon. she is still a "mess". The financial situation is still "nip & tuck". It will be a rough for quite some time. I still have no idea how long I will be here.

I miss you & love you lots.


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