Christmas 1938

Sunday Night

Dearest Mom & Pop

Well, Christmas is just about over and we have sure had a swell one. The only thing wrong was the 800 miles between here and Cleburne.

Your call tonight just fixed our Christmas up for us. It was so good to hear and talk to all of you. I was so excited I couldn't talk without my voice jerking and jumping. Almost was a sissy too, I just did keep some big tears from showing themselves. So you see, that it just how good it was to hear you.

Well, now about Lynn. Brownie and I woke up and couldn't wait for her to wake up. But we did have our presents before we woke her so we would be sure and watch her. We didn't open one single thing until this morning. Well we got Lynn up and took her over and stood her down on the floor by the tree and she stood rubbing her eyes and trying to wake up. Finally she saw her teddy bear and her "nigger" doll in the doll buggy. Well, her face lit up like a lightand she said "ooh-wee" and went over & got both of them in her arms. I then got a few of the small things and unwrapped, or helped her rather. All the time she was hanging on to the nigger and the bear. Every time we would open something she would look at it and say "ooh-wee" and look at Brownie and I and grin from ear to ear. Then we got out the doll you sent. I unwrapped it for her. She couldn't because she wouldn't put the nigger and the bear down. Well I got it opened and her face turned in to smiles and giggles and squeals and "ooh-wees" and she turned aroundand put the nigger and bear in Brownie's lap and reached her arms out for that doll and said "ooh-wee -- beby".

The sweetest thing you ever did see. Well she held that "beby" while we unwrapped the rest of the things. And what is more she hasn't let it out of her sight all day long. She had to have it to go to bed with her tonight. She is asleep now and Brownie is sitting her changing the doll clothes. I don't know which of my two babies will get the most pleasure out of it. She carried on the same way when we next opened the doll trunk. She just had a fit when the little red purse was unwrapped. She has had it hanging on her arm and carrying the doll around practically all day long. She really took on over her snow suit too, and is just a darling in it. It fits her fine. The dress you sent fits good too, and is the cutest thing on her.

I guess J.T. told you what he sent. The little dress he sent is a pretty little thing and looks just like J.T. Pete and Darrell brought her one of the Dutch peasent dresses. It is cute too. So she got 3 little dresses.

A superintendent, Mr. Boyce Mangum, down at the mill stopped me Friday and told me he and his wife had a box for us to put on the baby's tree. Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. He isn't my superintendent and I haven't been connected with him in any way except to speak to him through the days. He took me by his house at noon and got the box and brought me on home. He told me him and his wife didn't have any children and wanted to give some of the youngest children around the mill something. Someone told us today that his wife had a mis-carriage on Christmas day last year. He happens to be the best liked super---- here and I thought it quite an honor and appreciated very much their thoughts of our kid. The box contained two pairs of sox, a little red wagon with Hershey Chocolates in it, and a little man on a rocky horse that you wind up and it rocks back and forth.

We sure appreciated the money you sent us. We are going to put it in the bank for the time being. Brownie doesn't want to crowd a washing machine into this small place. She wants to wait until we get a house if we ever do. And I thought I would wait on mine untill she could get hers.

We sure were glad Pete and Darrell got to come up. Being with someone from Texas kept us from being quite so home-sick. They got here yesterday afternoon and are leaving in the morning. We sure have enjoyed them.

Fain sent Lynn a large Mother Goose book and a little small one too. They sure are nice.

Mrs. Drake and Evelyn sent Baby a pair of sleepers and Brownie a knitted sweater and a pretty bed spread, and sent me a tie. Buster and Bernice sent her a cute little tea set. Mother Gussie gave her a ball, Aunt Lucy a hair clasp to keep the hair out of her eyes, Eulene, the woman across the hall, gave her a little spoon and fork. Irene gave her a little car, and Jay, Gussie's grand son, gave her two little cars.

She got her little telephone that J.T. sent and sat down in the floor amd put it up to her ear and of all the jabbering you ever heard she did it.

That is all I can think of so I'll close maybe I'll think of something else in the morning.

Lots of Love


Monday Night

Well, here I am again. The boys got off this morning and we got an invitation out to dinner and we rushed around here and I forgot to mail this letter.

We spent the day with Alton Heacock and his family. You know Dad, the fellow that showed us the cat-fish when we were out at the Hine's that day. Mari Lynn sure did have a good time with his two kids too.

Lynn has had her "beby" all day long and would not let anyone have a thing to do with it. She sure does love her "beby".

The sox you sent me sure were nice and Brownie's hat looks awfully nice on her. She is thrilled to death with it.

I got more thrill out of your phone call call than anything you could have done or given us. It was so nice just to talk to you three and hear your voices.

I'll be sure to mail this in the morning. I don't go back to work until Wed. I got Sat. Sun. Mon. and Tues. off.

We love you too an awful and appreciate the fact that we have the two grandest people in the world for a Mother and Dad.

Dwight, Brownie and Lynn

I guess Arnold and the girls had a big Christmas. You write us about your Christmas.

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