Europe 1967

Sept 16, 1967

Dear Lynn George & boys,

Your letter was here yesterday when we arrived … was good to hear from you.

I told you airmail letters were 25¢ for ½ … some were more than others.

We have had a wonderful time. We spent … in Izmir with the Washburn's & they had every minute planned for us. We went to Bergama which was Pergamos in Biblical times & to the ruins of Ephesus which is where the church was that Paul wrote the book of Ephesians. I think that day has been the highlight of our whole trip.

We left Izmir for Athens the 10th. Jimmy was sorta sick by the time we got there so we didn't do much the first aft. Our hotel was close to several points of interest so we just wandered around & rested that night. Then the next day we went to the Acropolis & wandered all over it. It gives you a strange feeling to realize you're standing where people stood so very long ago! That night we went to Sound & Light spectacle.

On the 12th we went to Rome. We took a tour of the ancient city but it wasn't as much fun as wandering over things by ourselves. We saw the Roman Forum & the Colosseum among other things. Then we got up & left at 6am to take Jim to Pompeii! We went through Naples & to Pompeii. It was cloudy & rainy so we didn't get to see the top of Mt. Vesuvious. We went to Sorrento & back to Rome at 12pm. We were really whipped but it was a wonderful trip.

We arrived here [Zurich, Switzerland] late yesterday afternoon. It was still above 100° in Kashan when we left & this morning it was 61° here. We slept under heavy cover last night & every one had on heavy coats. My wool clothes feel good. We are going to enjoy it here. It's a beautiful city & we are very close to the lake. We walked down & saw the boats. Daddy is very tired so we are going to do some resting here. Wish I could see you when we get home to tell you all about it. You call me. I'll talk too long to be able to afford a call to you.


Note: the last line of the letter is cut off.


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