House Hunting 1964


Dear Trudie & Pop,

Sorry I haven't written you sooner but I have really been busy and sort of on the run.

I came to Baltimore on July 13, and went to work. You know, working is sort of rough when you've been loafing for 3 months. I like it though, work, I mean. I worked in the plant here until last Thurs. and then flew to Columbia, S.C. and worked in the plant there Thurs. afternoon and Fri. morning. Drove over to Greenville S.C. Fri. afternoon and met Brownie, Bobbie & Jim at a motel there. Brownie and I looked at houses Sat & Sun. Monday I had to work so Brownie looked with some Real Estate people. Tues. morning we looked houses with one agent then another one Tues aft.

Abt. 4:30 Tues we found one that was real close to what we wanted. So we decided to go talk abt it that night then see what another had to show Wed morning. By Wed morning we had all but decided on the house at 130 Rollingreen Rd. But we had the appointment for Wed morning so we went ahead. He showed us 3 houses that weren't even close then he drove up to one right across the street from the one we decided on. We walked in and almost immediately liked the house almost as well as the one at 130. Well you talk about being confused, we were. It was hard to choose between the 2 houses. So - - we went back to the office with the agent and told him we were undecided about the two. Anyway we wound up getting the keys to both houses and went back by ourselves and just went back and forth across the street comparing the two until eliminated one. We made an offer on the first [line cut off] contract on it. It is about the same class house we have in Montgomery except a little larger. We think we will enjoy it. We will close it out and move sometime before Sept. 1st.

I left Greenville this morning and flew back to Baltimore and Brownie & the kids left for Montgomery soon after I did. I'm going to call in a few minutes to see if they got home O.K.

Pop, I really do like my work. It is real interesting and the next 6 or 8 months is going to be quite a challenge and a lot of hard work. As soon as the building in Greenville is complete we will move the plant from Baltimore to Greenville, and get it to operating. We also two large pieces of equipment which will come from Germany for delivery in Oct. Then we have another new machine which is being built in North Adams, Mass. I will go up there sometime during the fabricating of that machine to try to learn something about it.

I will be lucky if I get back to Montgomery any longer then just to sign the papers when we sell our house. Things are moving along at a good pace but I sure am enjoying it. Also, the men I am working for and with are fine men. The company, which by the way is Mount Vernon Dryer Felt Co. which is a division of Mount Vernon Mills) is a real good company. I am on a complete expense account until the plant moves to Greenville. The company is even paying Brownie's and the kid's expenses to Greenville. I will be working for a Mr. Johnson, who is the V.P. in charge of Mfg. of Mount Vernon Mills. His office is in Baltimore. I will also be working for and very close with the President of the Dryer Felt Division. His office will be at the plant in Greenville.

Well I just talked to Brownie and they got home O.K. Bobbie had gotten a call from Warren and he will be home Monday so she is walking the clouds. Lynn was there & I talked to her for a minute.

Trudie, maybe you can tell something abt. the house from this. You will just have to come see it when we get moved.

130 Rollingreen Rd

Lots of Love

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