Matthew Bradley Epperson Obituary

Reverend Matthew Bradley Epperson was born November 5, 1863 in Zama, Ark. near the Nevada-Ouachita county line.

His mother,  Nancy Black, was a native of this state; while his father, Leander Epperson, was born in Tennessee. Of Scotch-Irish ancestry, the Eppersons reared a family of twelve children, of whom Matthew Bradley was the fifth of nine sons.

Being pioneers in this section, the Epperson's practically produced all their supplies on their farm, even to the shoes and boots worn by each member of the family.

Having married at the age of nineteen, Matthew Bradley then entered the College of the Ozarks to prepare for the ministry. Though lacking a few units work necessary for a degree when he left college, Mr. Epperson received a call to his first pastorate, the Cold Water Church. Thirty seven years later, on his visit to his Alma Mater, he was awarded that coveted degree at the age of seventy.

In his later ministry, Mr. Epperson served at Rasstin, Bluff Springs, Buena Vista, and Lane Burg. He was especially fond of the Harmony Church, which he had the honor of founding. During his vacation he did quote a list of mission work in the northern part of the state.

In 1905, Rev. Epperson moved his family of five children and his wife to Texas, where he preached at Pine Hill, Wrightsbora, Lackey, and Blanket. At one time county judge of Bandero County, Texas, and teacher at different times, Rev. Epperson always retained an active interest in civic affairs. From his earliest years he was an active Prohibitionists, making his maiden speech on that question when Prohibition was an unknown issue. At the time of his death, Rev Epperson was serving as chaplain in 1st Cleburne Camp #88, N.C.V. Cleburne, Texas.

Always faithful and consecrated as a Christian minister and fearless in his stand for the Right, Matthew Bradley Epperson lived not for the treasures of this world, but for the Crown of life Everlasting.

Retired from active ministry at the age of sixty, as his health was poor at the time on account of two serious operations, Rev. Epperson spent the remaining years of his life with his two sons, Troy and Finis, of Cleburne, Texas.

He is survived by three brothers: Tommie Epperson of Chidester, Arkansas; Robert - of Quinlan, Texas; and Eugene of Idabel, Oklahoma; one sister: Casandra, now Mrs. C. H. Robinson of Bluff City, Arkansas; five children: Willie, now Mrs. H. H. Bradford, of Nashville, Ark.; Troy, Cleburne, Texas; Rev. Mitchell S. Epperson, Alva Oklahoma; Opal, now Mrs. Jap Beck, Metzo Texas; and Finis, Cleburne, Texas, also by nine grandchildren.