Moved to Greenville 1964

(Sept 1, 1964)
Sun. Aft.

Dear Trudie & Pop:

Well I guess if I didn't make trips you wouldn't get letters. I am on a plane now somewhere between Greenville [SC] & Charlotte, N.C. I am on my way to Baltimore again.

We plan to start rigging out the first loom in the morning to move it to Greenville. Our building is not yet complete but it is far enough along to start moving.

Well we got moved to Greenville OK. I wouldn't say we are straightened out, but we are in. We really like our house. I am anxious for you to come see it (and us too). We are really enjoying the house. I have a lot of yard work to do. When we moved in the weeds (not grass) was almost waist high. (Hope you can read this, the plane is a little rough, we are coming into Charlotte.) I got the weeds down but the yard looks a little bare. There was no grass under the weeds.

I believe Greenville is one of the most friendly towns I have ever been in. People have really been nice to us.

On Labor Day the neighborhood had a picnic at the swimming pool. There about 15 families from our street and the next one over. So we met a lot of our neighbors. (We just landed in Charlotte.) The neighborhood is full of kids around Jimmie's age. He is really having a time even though he says likes Montgomery better. I think he is just talking though.

We have a little time here so I think I will get off & stretch my legs a little.

Phoned a friend of mine & talked with him a while and found out another good friend of mine is now living in Greenville. So we will look him up when I get back.

The new plant is coming along fine. It has been a lot of fun the last two weeks watching and checking the progress. I have been taking applications and interviewing people to work in the plant on production. We have a lot of applications so feel that hiring the right kind of people will be no problem.

The first Sunday we were in Greenville (a week ago today) we visited the Edwards Road Baptist Church for church and Sunday School and then Sunday night we moved our letters. It is a new church (about 3 yrs old) and is small. We think we will enjoy a small church again. The class Brownie visited had a class meeting on Tues. night and also had a covered dish supper and asked the husbands. They invited us and we went to that. So we have already had a get-to-gether of our new neighbors and our age group in the church.

This whole thing of my changing jobs is working out so well that you can't help feeling someone besides "man" had a hand in it. We are well pleased about everything and just as happy as can be.

Bo & Shirley were over at Lynn's house last night and we talked to them on the phone. We sure do miss not being able to run over and see them. But I guess that is a part of having a family.

We have taxied out and are now ready to take off again. Next landing will be Baltimore.

Mr. Gist's death was one of those things that you expect but don't ever quite get ready for. I guess you might say I have rather mixed emotions about it. Sorrow, in that Mrs. Gist lost her life-time mate and you lost your lifetime friend. On the other hand, from Mr. Gist's standpoint death had to be a relief in a way. Even though may not have suffered too much, he would have , had he lived longer. The scripture that comes to my mind is to the effect that "the Lord never gives one of His more than they can stand."

I guess we misplaced addresses etc in our move so if you will, send me Mrs. Gist address. I might drop her a note later on.

We are up above the clouds so the view is only real bright, white clouds.

I guess that covers things pretty well since my last letter, so,

We love you lots



I should be back in Greenville by Thurs or Friday of this week.


Mon. Morn.
Sorry I forgot to mail this last night when I got in.

Brrr!! It's cold up here.


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