Nancy Hepsybeth Gulley

Also have middle name as Hepsabeth and Hebzabeth.

Moved to Alabama when she was about 8.

The following is quotation from the book titled 'JOHN GULLEY GENEALOGY A PLANTER IN ALABAMA

Hepsabeth Gulley, first child of John and Nancy Gulley was born 20 Jan. 1810 in Duplin County NC. We believe she moved with her parents to Alabama when she was eight or nine years old; however, she is missing from her fathers's 1830 Census in Monroe County AL. But she was by then twenty and may have been married.

There is a possibility that she married a Mr. Black. In 1850 four children surnamed Black, namely: Robert J. 14,
Mary E. 10,
Christopher C. 6,
and Joana 4,

all born in AL, were living with John and Nancy Gulley in Ouachita County, AR. Were they grandchildren of John and Nancy? If so they had to belong to Hepsabeth. We think
their father may possibly have been Robert M. Black of household 26 (John Gulley was household 25), but efforts to even tentatively identify the mother of these children have so far failed.

We have been told that Nancy M. Epperson, wife of Leander Epperson, who lived in the vicinity, was nee Black, and a sister of the aforementioned children. One of these children, Mary E. Black is listed in Leander Epperson's 1850 Census, duplicating her listing in John Gulley's Census. Two others, Joanna Black and Robert James Black, were recorded as living with Leander and Nancy M. Epperson in 1860. Leander Epperson (died 1893) and Nancy M. Epperson (died after 1900) are buried in the Gulley Family Cemetery, also four of their children. It would seem that there was a connection between Nancy M. Epperson and the Gulleys. Hopefully some day we will find the answer.