Henry Calhoun Gulley

March 1862 he enlisted as a confederate soldier at Monroe LA. His enlistment paper reads in part:

... I Henry C. Gulley born in canaka (sic) Co in the state of Alabama aged twenty seven years [he was 18] and by occupation a farmer ... have voluntarily enlisted this twenty eighth day of April 1862 as a soldier in the Army of the Confederate State of America...

The soldier has black eyes, black hair, dark complexion, is 5 feet 10 inches high ...
Received ... this 28th day of April 1862 fifty dollars, being by way of bounty for enlisting in the Army of the Confederate States for three years or the war.

Henry began as a private in Co I, 31st LA Reg't., and within about a year was promoted to Sergent. Sgt. Gulley was captured at Vicksburg when that city fell to Union forces on 4 July 1863.


To All whom it may Concern, Know Ye That:

I Henry C. Gulley a Sargent of County I, 31st Reg't La Vols., C.S.A., being a prisoner of War, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its Garrison, by Lieut. Gen. John C. Pemberton, C.S.A., Commanding, on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of terms of said capitulation, give this my solemn parole under oath--That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military police or constabulary force in any Fort, garrison or field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers, against the United States of America, until duly exchanged by the proper authorities

Henry C. Gulley
The terms of Sgt. Gulley's parole prohibited him from fighting again until he was exchanged for a Union POW held by the Confederates. In time he was exchanged, but not until 29 March 1864 when he reported to camp at Vienna LA for that purpose. Following the exchange he was reassigned to duty and two weeks later was killed in battle, as the following quote shows:

Henry Calhoun Gulley ... surrendered; exchanged; joined a cavalry company in Gen. Dockery's command; was orderly sergeant; killed by a cannon ball at Prairie d'Ann, Ark., April 10--13, 1864, and buried at Washington, Ark.

Records of Louisiana Confederate Soldiers by Andrew B. Booth
Gulley, Henry C., Pvt. Sergt. 31st La. Inf. Co. I. En. April 28, 1862, Monroe, La. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1863, Present. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured and paroled Vicksburg, Miss., July 4, 1863.