Isaac Bizzell

Isaac Bizzell, son of William and Hannah, was born ca 1773, in Duplin Co., NC. In 1798, he was a Justice-of-Peace in adjoining Wayne Co.
Married ca 1797 to Nancy (nee Hooten) Hines, widow of Rev. Charles Hines of Duplin Co.
At the 1800 census, Isaac and Nancy were living in Wayne Cco. with 7 persons in the family--obviously some were children of Rev. Hines. Also in 1800, Isaac was named as an heir to his father and as executor for the estate.
On 6 Oct. 1803, he bought 200 acres for $1000 from Isaac Crow in Williamson Co., TN. south of Nashville. He was very active in community affairs and supervised local work crews in building roads and bridges during pioneer days.
From Dec. 1812 to Sept. 1814, he was a cavalry sargeant under Col. Robert H. Dyer and Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson --they fought against the Creek Indians. He served in the same unit as William Bizzell.
Wife Nancy died ca 1816 and Isaac was married a second time on 19 Feb. 1817 to Zilphia Musgrave in Williamson CO., TN. Their first child, believed to be Andrew Jackson, was born 1818 in TN. IN 1819, Isaac sold his TN land and shortly thereafter was recorded as receiving 25 acres in Lewis CO., WV in exchange for Treasury Warrent 2327, issued 17 Dec. 1819.
He didn't stay long in WV, if at all, since he appearred in the 1820 Union Co., Illinois census, listing himself as 45+ Several others were living with him. At the 1830 Union Co. census, Isaac was 50-60. At the 1840 Union census, he was 60-70, with 2 w.m. living with him. The girls had married and his wife was dead by that time.
Apparently Isaac died in Union Co. before the 1850 census.
We believe Isaac's children were: Elizabeth born 1798, Nancy born 1802, Catherine born 1803, William H. born 1805, Edna bor 1808, Andrew Jackson born 1818, Charlotte born 1819, and Isaac Jr. born 1821. We believe that Andrew J., noted in the 1820 and 1830 censuses, died before Feb. 1838 When Isaac deeded land to William H. and Isaac Jr.