Polly Mary James

DOB 1775-1780; Death 1832 or 1833
Think she is living with Tabitha in 1830.

From SP
1830 census shows Joseph (p. 297) as living alone. Sometime after 1824 when Patsy Manerva Groves (granddaughter) was born, Polly started getting a little funny in the head. When Patsy was a baby, Polly would look at her and say things like "poor little thing, she would be better off dead." But, nothing was wrong with Patsy. The children of Tabitha got afraid of Polly. These stories were related by Patsy's sister, Sina Butler Groves, to her daughter, Sina Parthenia (Groves) Gates who then related the stories to her own daughter, Susie D. Gates, about how Polly had lost her mind. On 30 Apr 1832, Polly was declared in the court as being a lunatic in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as recorded in Book D, p. 283 Simpson Co, KY Circuit Court Orders 1823-1835.

"The Commonwealth against Polly Butler: This day came the attorney on behalf of the Commonwealth and on suggestion made and exhibited his petition which was herewith filed and there came also the Defendant in person and Council being assigned her on motion of the attorney on behalf of the Commonwealth ordered that a Jury come and whereupon a Jury, to wit: John Gates, William L. Harrington, George W. Johnson, Robert Frizell, Samuel Girselin, Samuel McConnell, William Smith, Francis Moore, Samuel Barnes, Ann O. Grubb, John Lockhart, and Henry A. Bryant, who being sworn the truth to speak in the presence, returned unto Court the following verdict to wit: 3We of the Jury find that
Polly Butler, wife of Joseph Butler, is a lunatic and person of unsound mind and that her aforesaid husband is able to maintain and support her; wherefore, it is considered by the Court that the said Defendant, Polly Butler, be deemed and considered a lunatic."

Who is the 62 year old Polly Butler in 1850 Simpson Co. Ky Census???